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What we do for Decathlon

Decathlon approached us 7 years ago with a bold plan to bring manufacture and supply of foam sports balls to the West. This forward-thinking innovative company, based in France, quickly realised that having a PU manufacturer on their doorstep was a huge benefit to their design and development team.

Since then we've gone on to build a production line with 3 different products all running at the same time.

A close R&D; relationship
While some of the products we make for Decathlon had already been developed in China, they wanted to make a fresh start with the design and packaging. Many manufacturing practices used in China are not allowed here in Europe so some obstacles concerning materials and labeling needed to be addressed first. Our expertise in mould making, material selection and fast turnaround on prototypes meant our project could move quickly from R&D; to bulk production.

Wizzy production

Wizzy production printing

Bulk Production
A self-contained production facility within our 80,000sqft factory houses the Decathlon production processes, from moulding through to post-production then packing and dispatch. This allows us to maximise productivity and maintain lean manufacturing practices.

The Future
We continue to develop new products while maintaining a consistent production output on all 3 lines of standard product. To date, we have dispatched over 300,000 products in Europe, Russia, South America, China and more...

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