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Round Balls

Ball games are an important tool for early years, primary and secondary learning. Low bounce foam balls are easy to kick and throw and limit injuries, this gives children the confidence to develop their skills through play.

Approximate weight: 140g-195g
Box quantities: 16cm: 40  20cm: 20
Standard colours: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue


Introducing kids to the beautiful game is made safer with a low bounce foam football. Low-density foam balls are an injury-free alternative to PVC balls making them an ideal addition to school sports equipment.

Size 20cm
Approximate weight: 195g
Box quantity: 20
Standard colours: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

Reaction Balls

Designed to produce an unpredictable bounce when thrown on the floor this 6 sided foam reaction ball improves speed and agility. A fun warm-up tool for youth sports schools and clubs for children of any age.

Size 23cm
Approximate weight: 20g
Box quantity: 14
Standard colours: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue


Teachers love the foam dice for practical maths activities. An essential learning tool in the classroom, our dotted dice is the ideal size for small hands in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Size 14cm
Approximate weight: 220g
Box quantity: 36
Standard colours: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

Rugby Balls

Using a foam rugby ball is ideal preparation for youth sports groups transitioning to a full-size standard rugby ball. Soft yet sturdy, this rugby gives children the confidence to handle a ball without injury while learning passing techniques and hand-eye coordination.

Based on a size 3 Rugby
Approximate weight: 290g
Box quantity: 25
Standard colours: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

Small Balls

Soft moulded balls are the ideal sponge ball to help develop motor skills for early learning groups. Are you in need of cannon balls for soft play? Our 7cm are the ideal weight and size for adventure playground equipment.

Weights are approximately 12-25g.
Box Quantities: 7cm: 500    8cm: 300    9cm: 200
Standard colours: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

A coated ball is a soft foam ball with a specially formulated thick coating sprayed on to the outside giving your ball a tough, durable and realistic feel.

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Above is our standard stock range but our sports products don't stop there. If you're in need of a frisbee or boomerang, goal balls or tennis balls and customised for your business then we're the people to talk to. Our flexibility in design and production allows you to be as creative and as in control of your project as you want to be. Below are just 3 of our customers who we've produced custom shapes for.

Product case studies

We were so pleased with our previous order that we would like to re-order another 1,000 of the bottle stress balls.

Abbie Lodge, Aspire Pharma Limited

Many thanks again for the excellent way you have finished this first order.

Martin Braams WTB, Salespromotion B.V.

Picked up the Rugby Stress Balls yesterday afternoon. We're really pleased with them. Great job, well done all. Please pass our thanks to the team at Askam to.

Allan Glasgow, NIXOR Solutions

Just a quick 'thank you' for your help and support in getting this order through. Really happy with the result and looking forward to a successful marketing campaign with future orders planned.

Hozan Edward, BWB Technologies

The stressballs arrived on time, our customer is very happy with them. Thank you all.

Ingrid Schnäbele, Erhardt & Fischer GmbH + Co. KG

Easily one of the more confidence inspiring inserts out there.

David Haywood, Singletrack Magazine

That's perfect service! So we expect this from all our suppliers, far too seldom this is done so obligingly and for the customer in the best possible way.

Johannes Schick, Procurement Manager, Werbezeichen AG

Thanks again James your efforts today really did win us the job.

John Gwynne, Trust Phantom

The stressballs arrived on time, our customer is very happy with them. Thank you all.

Ingrid Schnäbele, Erhardt & Fischer GmbH + Co. KG