New Age Bowls is played in sports clubs, schools and organised events all over the country.

New Age Kurling

Great fun for any age or ability and great teaching aids for beginners and children.

The game is played in the same way as the traditional game of bowls - and to make this true to life the bowls contain a genuine bias similar to normal bowls. Each player attempts to outscore their opponent by delivering their bowl (red or blue) nearer to the jack (yellow) or into a target area or into a raised target with holes in it.

New age kurling


What we do for New Age Kurling

New Age Kurling approached us with an innovative idea to produce an indoor version of bowls that could be used by many different abilities and ages. Our material and production processes were a suitable match for this project and we set about running off test samples to achieve the correct weight and density. For almost 10 years now we have supplied regular orders of these popular bowls balls.

Production process
Kurling bowls are made from a viscoelastic material similar to our stress balls and made on the same production line. The size of the bowl is large compared to a standard stress shape so we have to plan a machine re-fit before production. The kurling bowls require a long shot due to its size but to avoid the material reacting before the mould is closed we have to make very precise adjustments to the ratio. Once the bowl is de-moulded it has to be crushed to release the gasses and avoid shrinking.

You can find more information and how to order kurling bowl equipment from

Phthalate Free?

Most raw materials we use are phthalate free, however they can contain traces so if you need a product to be 100% guaranteed phthalate free we can arrange this and provide certification.