ROCKSTOP narrows the fight between wheels and geology!

Rockstop Rim Protector

Risky rock gardens, fast winding single track, and heavy descents all determine the set up of a mountain bike so when a group of riders and bike retailers expressed their frustration at the quality of the product on the market for tubeless wheels we collaborated with them to create Rockstop.

A complex geometric tyre insert which is solely focussed on preventing punctures and rim damage.

Cross section

Easily one of the more confidence inspiring inserts out there.

- David Haywood. Singletrack Magazine

The challenges...

The trend for tubeless wheels has opened a new market for impact resistant components, however, the options available are mostly cheap EVA extruded foam which performs poorly, difficult to install and has a limited life span which raises ecological concerns in an industry keen on environmental issues.

The solution...

Urofoam is set in the English Lake District, the perfect playground for testing mountain bike equipment. Rockstop is the result of a year’s collaboration between us and a local MTB centre, who drove the project. The way Rockstop works is by forcing a ridge of tough shock absorbing material against the sidewall just above the rim. It acts like a cushion that gets sandwiched between the rock, tyre and rim so it dulls the impact when hitting something sharp at speed.

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What's it made from?

Whether it's a hard cast resin or a super soft lightweight foam, we can help you choose the best performing PU for your project...