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What do you get from us?

All our processes including CAD development, test rigs, tooling, and bulk production is done in-house. This gives you an extremely fast turnaround and ultimate control of your project.



The advantage of using a company with full design and manufacturing facilities means you can modify & evaluate easily and quickly, without incurring huge costs or delays.

  • Prototyping
  • CAD Development
  • Production Tooling
  • Bulk manufacturing
  • Model Making
  • Material Selection
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How to get your project started...

Step 1
Produce your concept or design with sketches or CAD drawings
(we can help with the drawing if necessary)

Step 2
If PU foam or elastomer is your material of choice then it is important for us to know at this early stage. We can pick up on design problems that can make manufacturing difficult. We can also advise on materials in the context of the product application.

Step 3
We give the estimates of the cost for the project at this stage depending on the level
of involvement. A full CAD drawing will then be produced by us.

Step 4
Depending on which prototype method is chosen we will either produce a
stereolithography (SLA) model, machine a model, hand carve a model or directly
machine a mould in aluminium. see our section on tooling for more info..

Step 5
We then produce a test moulding to prove the moulding process and deliver some samples for final approval.

Step 6
Once we have made our production tooling we then go into manufacturing your bulk order.

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