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Memory Foam

What material do we use here? Viscoelastic foams.

Why is viscoelastic foam the best material for memory feel?

Polyurethane is mixed together with other materials to create an open structure which is formed by the introduction of gasses and creates “bubbles” (cells) and allows the air to travel around the cells without collapsing them. The addition of heat (often hands and body) manipulates the cells so they stretch and flex but always return to shape.

A higher density foam will often take much longer to recover to its shape than a low density foam, however, it will have a much better cushion of support


Memory Foam Massage Cushion for a Private Medical Group

Many ideas come from professionals working in an industry where they see a potential market for a product which will make their job much easier - this massage cushion is one such product.

The client needed a soft cushion to be portable for use on any bed/table available. The memory element was crucial for allowing the user comfort during therapy.

Our client already knew the design they wanted and after we agreed a few minor tweaks to ensure a good moulding we machined the mould on our CNC and produced a short production run for their BETA testing.

Massage cushion

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