Water Resistant Foam Padding

An image taken from below of surgeons working on a patient in a surgery room, whilst the patient lies on a waterproof foam hospital chair

Waterproof Mouldings

What type of material do we use here? Integral foam.

Why is integral foam the best material for waterproofing?

Integral skin foams are systems with an open-cell flexible core, but with a self-generated outer skin which provides a water resistant and tough outer coating. Applications are generally for outdoor use - from medical seating to play equipment. Densities can range from 200-700 kg/cu m.

Ideal uses:

  • Patient positioning cushions
  • Bicycle seats
  • Outdoor gym and playground equipment
  • Public conveniences e.g. Baby changing mats in supermarkets & airports
  • Outdoor stadium seating pads
  • 4D cinema seating
Wheelchair cushions

Delivering Medical Pillows for a National provider of operating equipment.

A medical furniture manufacturer approached us wanting a more durable comfortable positioning cushion for use during long operations, however, the key element of this brief is the ability to wipe down the cushion with antibacterial wash. Currently, many operating cushions are single use only creating an environmental problem as well as an economic one.

The self skinning properties of integral foam ticked all the criteria and we made some of the largest products we have made to date.

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